with Nagorno Karabagh

Book Description

Armenia has a fascinating history, a vibrant culture and magnificent landscapes - a land strewn with prehistoric sites, medieval monasteries and intricately carved cross-stones, and the most luscious apricots in the world. This completely updated edition of Armenia with Nagorno Karabagh provides the entire practical and background information needed to explore not only the best-known sites but also off the beaten track Armenia.

About Holding, Dr Deirdre

Deirdre Holding and her husband, Nicholas, first visited Armenia in 2001as ordinary tourists. She was closely involved in the preparation of the first two editions of Armenia, written by Nicholas, and after he died in 2008 she took over the authorship for the third and now the fourth editions. She is not a member of the Armenian diaspora and can therefore write about the country objectively. Having originally visited as a tourist she knows which aspects need particular explanation for the general tourist but also covers the country in enough detail for the guidebook to be useful to members of the diaspora.