From Turnberry to Tasmania

Adventures of a Traveling Golfer

Book Description

From Turnberry to Tasmania is an invitation to travel with award-winning journalist John Steinbreder on a global golf trek. From putting alongside tawny wallabies and blue-tongued lizards in Tasmania to literary pub crawls in Dublin after rounds at nearby links, this book contains remarkable golf adventures from Steinbreder’s nearly two decades of tee-time wanderlust.

About Steinbreder, John

John Steinbreder is an award-winning journalist and a senior writer for Global Golf Post, the weekly digital golf magazine, as well as the author of nineteen books, including Club Life, Golf Kohler: In the New and Old Worlds, The 3-Degree Putting Solution, Golf Rules & Etiquette for Dummies, and Golf Courses of the U.S. Open. He is a former reporter for Fortune magazine, a one-time writer/reporter for Sports Illustrated, and a past senior writer for Golfweek. He lives in Redding, Connecticut.