Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

A Road Trip Celebration of America's First Coast-to-Coast Highway

Book Description

The Lincoln Highway was the first continuous road to connect the coasts, allowing newly motorized Americans to cross the country by car. This book allows readers to travel across 100 years of the highway, from New York City to San Francisco, with stops at historic landmarks, bridges, taverns, movie palaces, diners, gas stations, ice cream stands, tourist cabins, and roadside attractions. Color maps and stories of the highway take readers through 14 states, with excerpts from memoirs and old postcards giving a feel for what early motoring was like--the good, the bad, and the muddy. The book is organized by state, with narrative information on what the original Lincoln Highway crossed through. There are historical tidbits and nostalgic details, along with information on what remains. This book is a useful treasure for travel planning and armchair reading.

About Butko, Brian

Brian Butko lives in Pittsburgh and is the nation’s leading authority on the Lincoln Highway. He is a founding director of the new Lincoln Highway Association. Brian creates books on unique slices of local history for his day job at the Heinz History Center, the Smithsonian’s home in Pittsburgh. He blogs about Lincoln Highway history at