New York Myths and Legends

The True Stories behind History's Mysteries

Book Description

Are there alligators under New York City? Did the military take the lessons learned in the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment” of 1943 and apply the same technology at Montauk—to develop a weapon that would literally drive the enemy insane? Just who was the homeless man who walked a 365-mile route every thirty-four days, dressed in heavy leather?

From the Lake Champlain monster to the friendly ghost hostess of Skene Manor, New York Myths and Legends makes history fun and pulls back the curtain on some of the Empire State’s most fascinating stories.

About Capo, Fran

Fran Capo is a freelance writer, standup comic, lecturer, and the Guinness Book of World Records' Fastest Talking Female. This Queens College graduate has appeared on more than 248 radio shows and 98 TV shows, including Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America.