Jackie's Newport

America’s First Lady and the City by the Sea

Book Description

Newport, Rhode Island, holds the untold slices of Jackie Kennedy’s life. It became her home in 1942, and nothing enchanted her more than watching the sea from the porch of Hammersmith Farm. The city by the sea was her peaceful oasis, where she found refuge when tragedies struck and the comfort of nostalgic times shared with family and loved ones. She married John F. Kennedy in a resplendent ceremony at St. Mary’s Church, a celebration of love which still echoes across the decades. Hammersmith Farm became the Kennedy’s happy retreat and summer white house providing the privacy she so craved for her and her family.The town holds dear memories of Jackie and her beloved family and each summer St. Mary’s continues to celebrate the wedding of Jackie and Jack. Amidst the American castle of Newport, where celebrity sightings and formal affairs are par for the course, Jacqueline shone brightest. She and Newport were forever intertwined, and this book celebrates her mark on the city by the sea and its mark on her.

About Sinibaldi, Raymond

Raymond Sinibaldi has been following and chronicling American history in the making since 1960. He is the author of five U.S. history books and recently retired from teaching U.S. History for 25 years. He lives in Venice, Florida and travels frequently to Newport, Rhode Island.