It Happened in New Hampshire

Remarkable Events That Shaped History

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About Rogers, Stillman

Stillman Rogers is a New Hampshire native whose career as a writer and photographer spans more than 30 years. His travel and winter sports features and photographs appear regularly in newspapers, magazines and websites, where he is the Getaways Editor for and Historic Travel Editor for Stillman’s New England books, co-authored with Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, include New Hampshire Off  the Beaten Path, Travellers Boston and New England, The Rhode Island Guide and Natural Wonders of Vermont.

He also writes extensively about Atlantic Canada and is the co-author of Adventure Guide to Canada’s Atlantic Provinces. Long an avid skier, he writes the ski blog, a place to find deals and information, for people who love the sport or who want to learn more about it. With his co-author he currently writes travel guides to Portugal, the Canary Islands, Sardinia, Northern Italy and other European destinations for Thomas Cook Publishing and the Automobile Association of Great Britain.

He and his co-author are the 2010 winners of the Travel Industry of Canada Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Media and the New Hampshire Travel Council Media Award for 2011.

Stillman lives in southwestern New Hampshire, where he enjoys family, gardening, kayaking and skiing. He is a member of the New Hampshire Historical Society and a former Trustee of the Historical Society of Cheshire County.