New England Lighthouses

Maine To Long Island Sound

Book Description

The lighthouses of New England project more than lifesaving beams across treacherous expanses of water. They also project an aura of steadfastness, dependability, and safety--and deservedly so. This guide features descriptions and beautiful photographs of more than sixty lighthouses from Northern Maine to the Long Island Sound.

>In the pounding surf, numbing cold, and full gale of a December storm in 1904, two keepers at Maine's Mount Desert Rock Light rescued the crew of an ocean tug that had run aground.
>In the winter of 1850, the keeper of Maine's Owl's Head Light rescued and revived a couple who had been frozen under a blanket of ice aboard a shipwrecked schooner.
>During the Hurricane of 1938, the keeper of the Marblehead Light in Massachusetts kept the lamp burning by running cables from his car battery to the tower.
>In February 1918 keeper Charles Jennings of the Boston Light pushed his dory over ice and through freezing surf to pluck 24 half-frozen crewmen from the Navy ship Alacrity.

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